Michelle Darwin

Portrait of Michelle Darwin

About Me

I am a painter, maker, and storyteller. I am drawn to capturing the memories we have of our homes, gardens, and favourite places. This spring, my husband and I will be moving from city to country to start a colour farm and dye garden. We are making this move in order to build a life of creative making, connect with the land, and live more sustainably.

I grew up hearing stories of my grandmother’s life as part of a family of fishermen near Ostrea Lake, and of my father’s childhood living on naval bases near Halifax. These strong family ties to Nova Scotia have created an unexpected sense of coming full-circle, and of returning home.

Painted Stories

Painted Stories is where you can find tools to help you live your most engaged creative life, view beautiful art as it is created, and learn the stories behind the works. I share my experiences & learnings regularly on the blog in hopes of helping others feel inspired, motivated, and accompanied as they pursue their creative work – whatever form it may take.

Vibrant Acres

Vibrant Acres is where you can learn the story behind our colour farm, see the garden in all its seasons, and see profiles of the natural dye colours we produce.

Get in touch

You can reach me at michelledarwin@gmail.com. I’d love to hear from you.