Painting memories of homes, gardens, and the coastal landscape

I’m a painter and storyteller who captures the personal memories we have of our homes, gardens, and meaningful places. I create scenes that are expressively rich in mood, colour, and feeling. I currently work in gouache or acrylic. I am based on the South Shore of Nova Scotia, Canada.

Each painting is shared as a gift and an invitation
for you to be drawn in and find your own stories.

Painted stories

I share most of my work under the brand name Painted Stories. There, you can find new collections of original artwork and prints as they are released. There is a blog filled with tools for navigating the creative process and finding creative flow, as well as glimpses into my own life and art practice.

For the most up-to-date and personal connection, you can join the Studio List to receive receive a thoughtful weekly letter filled with reflections on life as an artist, new paintings as they are created, and the stories behind the art. I regularly share behind-the-scenes in the studio, and works in progress in my weekly email letter, and it is THE first place to get access to new art.


A glimpse behind-the-scenes…


See my latest artwork, writings, and view available originals and prints on the Painted Stories website.